Mini Dental Implants and Benefits

If you are a dental patient in the Geneva, IL area looking to achieve a healthy, long lasting smile, consider the innovative mini dental implant procedure. The field of dental science has advanced dramatically, now patients have several treatment options that utilize the very latest in dental technology. Mini dental implants at Geneva Smiles Dental in Geneva, Illinois are just one treatment that offers patients an alternative to more traditional tooth replacement options.

If you are currently looking for a safe and effective way to perfect your smile, consider the many dental implant treatments currently available in Geneva, IL. Advancements in dental technology have brought about new and improved implant methods that are designed to provide long-lasting results for a wider range of patients. If you are considering dental implants, understanding the difference between traditional dental implants and mini dental implants will allow you to determine which treatment will ultimately provide the best results.

Mini dental implants or MDIs are gaining notoriety both in Geneva and across the country because they offer patients greater advantages for long-term tooth replacement, both during and after treatments. Patients will discover that the MDI procedure is quick and virtually painless, and oftentimes can be completed in just a single visit. Traditional implants usually involve a lengthy process treatment process that that requires multiple visits to the dentist as well as significant healing time.

While mini dental implants are a fantastic option for improving the overall appearance of broken, damaged, decayed or missing teeth, MDI’s can be used in other instances as well. Removable dentures are used by many dental patients to replace large groups of teeth, but they can often cause pain and irritation. Mini dental implant treatments at Geneva Smiles Dental can be used to stabilize removable dentures, giving patients the look and feel of naturally growing teeth.

Geneva, IL patients are continually surprised by how easily MDIs are able to replace imperfect teeth and stabilize and secure dental prosthetics for a totally natural look and feel. If your smile is a great concern, a consultation with Dr. Park will help to determine the best treatment options for you.

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